We will be conducting 2 week Summer Chess Camp in Saraswathipuram and Siddharthanagar branches. Classes will be held in Morning (10:30-01:30) and After-lunch (02:30-05:30) sessions. For more details contact us.



Rotary Mysore School will be organising Children’s Chess Festival in association with Mysore Chess Center on 20th January 2019 at Rotary Mysore School, Dattagalli. Event will be conducted for Under 07, 09, 11 and 13 Boys and Girls categories.


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Mysore Chess Center will be hosting Sri M N Krishna Rao Memorial Chess Tournament 2018 on Dec 23 at Sri Kanteerava Narasimharaja Sports Club.



KARNATAKA STATE WOMEN'S CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP inaugurated today at Ursu Gymkhana Club, Race Course Road, Mysore. Around 50 top women chess players are part of this 3 day event.

WCM Isha Sharma of Belthangady is the top seed with an elo of 2012. She is followed by Andria D'Souza and Shalon Pais. Tulsi M and Manasa H R of Mysuru are 4th and 5th seeded respectively.

Sri. Jayaraj Ex-President of Ursu Gymkhana Club inaugurated the event by moving Chess PAwn against Isha Sharma. Biddappa M M former secretary of Mysore District Chess Association and Nagendra Muralidhar, Director, Mysore Chess Center presided over the function.



Girls Under 07:

Rank Name Pts
1 Ghanashree K R 5
2 Dhanyatha H 4
3 Diya Umesh 4
4 Yadharsha M 4
5 Mydhili Sathyan 4
6 Dhrithi Madhusudhan 4
7 Anvitha S Kumar 3
8 Saanavi C 3
9 Anisha H Devadiga 3
10 Lithya M R 3

Girls Under 09:

Rank Name Pts
1 Vaishnavi L 5
2 Ganavi R 4
3 Pavani R 4
4 Vismitha S G
5 Deeksha K
6 Saanvi M A 3
7 Ashvitha R 3
8 Vaishnavi V 3
9 Maahi Shetty 3
10 Jahnavi M N

Girls Under 11:

Rank Name Pts
1 Dhatri Umesh 4
2 Vindya Sridhar 4
3 Architha J 4
4 Eshanvi M N 4
5 Sharadhi Shastry
6 Disha U A
7 Sugandhi S Katti 3
8 Nithyashree Lokesha 3
9 Prakruthi N 3
10 Vibha Sree Gowda 3

Girls Under 13:

Rank Name Pts
1 Meghana S
2 Dhanyashree P
3 Sunidhi S Katti 4
4 Snehabharathi U 4
5 Harshitha H K
6 Manasa Narayan 3
7 Hemadri Sathish 3
8 Shreedha M M 3
9 Diya Sailal 3
10 Ghritha 3

Girls Under 15:

Rank Name Pts
1 Deepthi Lakshmi K
2 Shubha Shree K 4
3 Anamika Menon C T
4 Ramitha S Raj
5 Bhoomika D 2
6 Sandhya H Salunke 1
7 Samhitha 0

Boys Under 07:

Rank Name Pts
1 Nivaan Raghavendra 6
2 Chiranth R Savak 5
3 Vihaan Venu Gopal 5
4 Lakeith B Theja 5
5 Bhavish S
6 Chanakya P 4
7 Aarush S Gowda 4
8 Vishesh S D Gowda 4
9 Naman Ganesh 4
10 Kishan J 4

Boys Under 09:

Rank Name Pts
1 Akanksh U D 6
2 Nagachiranth B S 5
3 Ishanth P 5
4 Preran M G 5
5 Hruthvick R
6 Ashith Kumar Gowda
7 Abbas Soni
8 Pranav K Raj
9 Shreyas K Patil 4
10 Keshav P Kumar 4

Boys Under 11:

Rank Name Pts
1 Kaizen S
2 Nimish Raj B
3 Mokshithh C R 5
4 Guna Sushanth Kondisetti
5 Raveesh Kote
6 Omkar P I 4
7 Sandeep Kumar S 4
8 Pranav Shetty M P 4
9 Anurag R P 4
10 Rishith S Gowda 4

Boys Under 13:

Rank Name Pts
1 Prajwal K M
2 Prameeth M G
3 Vayu Singh C 5
4 Kundan D Gowda 5
5 B Salian Lakshith 5
6 Kalal I
7 Manish Kumar P 4
8 Kavin I 4
9 Akash M H 4
10 Bharat Hegde 4

Boys under 15:

1 Chaithanya Ganesh 5
2 Nachiketh Adiga
3 Shreesha U A
4 Thejas M U 4
5 Pranav M 4
6 Dhruv V Jain 4
7 Aman V Jain 4
8 Yashwanth Bharadwaj M S 4
9 Raju Prasad R 4
10 Abhishek C



Swara Lakshmi Nair, who started with 21st seed with an elo of 1177 in Under 15 Girls category, showed consistent performance in all 9 rounds by standing unbeaten to clinch her maiden title. When the final round results was declared she was tied with Commonwealth U8 Girls Champion WCM Shefali A N and Deepthi Lakshmi with 7.5/9 points each. But Swaralaksmi was one point ahead of Shefali's Tie break score with 50.5 which helped her to emerge victorious. She has also raised her FIDE rating by 136 points.


- For Swara Lakshmi this is her maiden State Championship Title -

In Open category, Jagadish P, the strongest in the section with a FIDE rating 1894 was also joined the race with Arhan Chethan Anand, Shree Krishna Pranama and Rakshith Srinivasan for the title, with all 4 players scoring 7.5/9 points. Playing on 2nd board in the final round, Jagadish managed to settle for a draw against Kalki Eshwar and a buchholz score of 54.5 earned him championship title.


- It was a proud moment for Jagadish as he lifts the Champion Trophy -

All top 4 players Jagadish P, Arhan Chethan Anand, Shree Krishna Pranama and Rakshith Srinivasan in Open section and Swara Lakshmi Nair, Shefali A N, Deepthi Lakshmi and Hemadri Satish in Girls section were selected to represent Karnataka state in the upcoming National Sub-Juniors Chess Championship 2018.

IPL styled trophies

- Everyone's eyes were on IPL Styled glittering trophies -

The championship was organized by Mysore Chess Center under the aegis of United Karnataka Chess Association from 20th to 22nd April 2018 at Hotel Paradise, Mysuru. The FIDE Rated event attracted record setting 360 chess enthusiasts from all over Karnataka.

Kavyashree Mallanna, Founder Director of Celestial Minds, USA inaugurated the tournament along with Mr. Sriram, Director of GSS Properties and Girish M of Chickmagalur District Chess Association. Out of 135 girls 44 were rated and Prachi Bharthi being the top seed while open section with a total tally of 229 participants had 89 FIDE rated players.


- Kavya was always a part of Mysore Chess Center celebrations -

The championship carried Rs.60,000 as cash prize (30K for Open and 30k for girls) along with 90 trophies for winners in different categories. Prize distribution was accompanied by Mr. Arvind Shastry, Secretary, United Karnataka Chess Association, Mr. Chethan Vishwanth, Secretary, Rotary Club of Mysore and Mr. Nagendra Muralidhar, Director, Mysore Chess Center. FIDE Arbiter Mr. Karthik R served as the chief arbiter of the championship with his deputies being FA Somanath Krishnarao, NA Lakshmi N, FA Raghavendra M V and FA Babita B. The event was supported by Karnataka bank, Rotary Club of Mysore and Nurtr.

U15-Open=prize-winners-Rakshith-Sree Krishna-Arhan-Jagadish

- Top 4 players will represent Natioanl Sub-Juniors to be held in Kolkota this July -


- Namma Mysuru girl Hemadri Satish has to fight a lot to enter Nationals -

8th Seed Arhan Chethan Anand who finished runner-up in open section surprised everyone by defeating tourney's second seed Keshav Kothari in the 6th round. Arhan playing with black pieces choose to decline the Queens Gambit against his opponent and had a brilliant victory. He also divided points with Jagadish P, Shree Krishna Pranama and Rakshith Srinivasan in 7th, 8th and 9th rounds.

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. cxd5 exd5 5. Bg5 c6 6. e3 Be7 7. Qc2 Nbd7 8. Bd3 Nh5 9. Bxe7 Qxe7 10. O-O-O g6 11. g4 Ng7 12. h3 Nb6 13. Nf3 Be6 14. Kb1 O-O-O 15. Na4 Nxa4 16. Qxa4 Kb8 17. Rc1 Rc8 18. Rc3 Ne8 19. Ra3 b5 20. Qa5 Nd6 21. Rc1 Nc4 22. Bxc4 dxc4 23. b3 Qb7 24. bxc4 Bxc4 25. Ne5 Bd5 26. g5 Ka8 27. f3 Rhe8 28. e4 Bc4 29. Nxc4 bxc4+ 30. Ka1 Rb8 31. Qc3 c5 32. d5 Qb4 33. Ra6 Rec8 34. Qc2 Qb5 35. Rf6 Rc7 36. Rb1 Qa5 37. Rc1 Qb5 38. Rc6 Rcb7 39. Qxc4 (White resigned) 0-1


- The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made -

Games will be uploaded soon