About Us

about Mysore chess center
Chess is one of the most powerful educational tools available to strengthen a child’s mind. It’s fairly easy to learn how to play. Whatever a child’s age, chess can enhance concentration, patience, and perseverance, as well as develop creativity, intuition, memory, and most importantly, the ability to analyse and deduce from a set of general principles, learning to make tough decisions and solve problems flexibly.”

Chess involves critical thinking and requires intense concentration and visualization. Thus it promotes intellectual creativity and logical thinking and infuses a positive competitive attitude in kids. Not only chess improves problem-solving skills, also it creates a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

Mysore Chess Center promotes chess as a cognitive learning tool in curricular classes and after-school programs for elementary, middle & high schools. Mysore Chess Center has been dedicated itself to the righteous mission of flourishing the chess excellence of budding champions.

The center is headed by the city's most reputed & intellectual guide Suresh .S who is rendering his loyal service to this field from the past 30 years. He has created more than 15 state champions in his chess coaching career. Apart from that many of the students from our center have achieved impressive credits and brought their homes applaudable prizes at national and state levels. Also we conduct regular chess tournaments in karnataka

Our Achievers Track Record (2008-2017)

In 2015 Manasa H R stood for 4th place in World Schools Blitz Chess Championship held in Singapore. She also won Bronze medal in 8th Asian Schools Under 13 Girls Chess Championship 2012 held in New Delhi.

In the same year Amogha won Gold in Asian Schools Under 15 Open Blitz Chess Championship and also won bronze in 8th Asian Schools Under 15 Open Chess Championship.

Tulsi has won 3 silver medals in National Championships 2011, 2015 & 2016.

Manasa has won 2 Silver medals in National level while Gangamma won one Bronze medal in National Team Championship.

Apart from this our students have bagged 25 State championship titles (Tulsi – 8, Manasa – 8, Gangamma – 4, Chaithanya, Shreyas P, Akshatha, Prasiddhi, Yashashkara 1 title each) and 16 Silver medals and 19 bronze medals.

Vivekananda won 1st Mysore Professional Chess Academy All India Below 1800 FIDE Rating Chess Tmt in 2015.

More than 50 of our students have gained International FIDE Rating.